Dormer loft conversion

What is a dormer loft conversion?

A dormer conversion is a type of loft extension that protrudes out of a sloping roof. A dormer window usually increases your home value, especially if the space can then be used as a bedroom or study, for example. This renovation provides space, light, and ventilation options. The cost of a dormer window depends on the various choices you make. Factors that determine the price.

This conversion is a popular choice for those who want to add another room to their loft space. The dormer window is then placed on the existing pitched roof. It adds a great element of light and space to your new room. However, as with any extension, there is a lot to consider.

The price, the type of window you want, and if you need any permits to carry out the work. Let’s look a little deeper.

dormer loft conversion in development

Do you need planning permission for a Dormer Loft conversion?

Usually, if it is at the front of the building, you will need a type of permit to ensure you have the right to build. There are usually some restrictions to adhere to.

Here are just some of the conditions that will need to be met if you are in the UK (as stated by the government)

  • The total area of the additional loft space will not exceed 40 cubic metres (in terraced houses) or 50 cubic metres (in detached or semi-detached houses).
  • The extension does not go further beyond the outermost part of the pre-existing roof slopes at the front of your house. 
  • The extension does not go any higher than the highest part of your roof. Roof stability is also a necessity for building regulations.
  • There are no hazards such as any verandas, balconies, or raised platforms.
  • Side-facing windows are obscure-glazed (ie frosted or patterned to stop people seeing in) Side-facing window openings are 1.7m or more above the floor
  • Fire escapes are in place 
  • The loft conversion is made using materials that are similar in appearance to your home
  • Any side-facing windows must be at least 1.7m above the ground
  • You need to have at least 2.2m of usable space for a conversion to be suitable.

How much does a Dormer Loft conversion cost?

Many factors determine the price of a Dormer loft conversion. A dormer loft conversion is an upgraded version of a standard room. It can be used as a bedroom, office space or something else, which is what makes this a pricier option. As standard, this is likely to cost anything between £35,000- £40,000. It will usually include the building of a bedroom and ensuite. It will also increase your house value by almost the same amount you paid for it. However, there are other things to consider with the price:

Degree of renovation: The first factor that affects the cost of your project is the degree of renovation. With a small renovation where only the roof covering of your dormer window needs to be replaced, the costs are naturally lower than when a complete renovation is done. So check in advance where your dormer window stands.

Repair or renovate? Sometimes a renovation is not necessary and a repair is sufficient. The cost of a repair to your dormer window is lower than that of a renovation. So check in advance what your dormer window needs to avoid excessive costs and unnecessary renovation. A roofing specialist will be happy to advise you on this.

Different materials of dormer windows

The different materials used for a dormer window are zinc, plastic, reed, and wood. These will likely affect the price too. Zinc is often used for a beautiful finish because of its high quality.

It is also maintenance-free and looks modern. Plastic is a much more common material. A synthetic dormer window has a modern appearance and is relatively inexpensive. Nowadays there are even plastic frames with a wood grain structure.

The maintenance of these dormer windows is also pleasant since there is not much maintenance required. It is recommended to do this anyway because this dormer window can also get dirty and look less neat.

A thatched dormer is seen less often because it does not suit every home.

Pros and cons of a Dormer Loft conversions

The advantages of a thatched dormer window are:

  • The value brings to your home. One of the biggest advantages is the added value when selling the house. You, therefore, benefit from the extra space, but it also saves you even more money when selling. It is therefore not only a purchase of a dormer window but also an investment for the future.  
  • A characteristic look: The most common of all dormer types is the wooden dormer. The look of this conversion is stylish, full of character and elegant also.   
  • It provides extra space: This space is created because the headroom is raised so that you can now stand in places where it was not possible before. It is also said that the walkable surface is increased. At first, this area was smaller because you could only walk in the middle because of the sloping roof. It is now easier to create a room on this floor. This room often serves as a bedroom, hobby room, or office. Dormers are a particular favourite among homeowners.   
  • It adds light: This is due to the large window frame. It will provide you with natural light or sunlight directly inside and make the space feel airy and larger.

What property is a Dormer Loft conversion suitable for?

Because of their boxy square shape, they are usually perfect for homes with a sloping roof; which accounts for a large percentage of UK homes. It looks elegant and fits perfectly with the style of your home so that the finish is seamless. 

It works well for people who want a little extra space; perhaps a family or even a solo worker who wants to add value. The options are endless.