Our loft conversion services in Brentwood can offer you a plethora of experience within the construction industry. We have fitted multiple loft conversions, with a guarantee of quality and excellent customer service.

Our workers are committed and will be able to offer you the styles that you desire for your loft. We work with great attention to detail and work to your budget, to ensure your loft conversion is exactly the way you desire.

Why choose our Loft conversion services? 

We can create a range of loft conversion services for you with excellent customer service and highly trained employees and builders. We pride ourselves on our top-notch work and we believe that our work ethic, quality and detailing, set us aside from the crowd. For us, customer service is at the forefront of all our work and we offer all our customers transparent information relating to the fees and the types of designs available. We want your home to feel and look incredible.

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Add value to your home with a loft conversion

A loft conversion adds a great deal of value to your home. The value you will bring to your house will outweigh the initial costs. Your home can jump in value which makes this an important factor when you consider reselling in the future. Whatever the cost of the conversion was, you can almost guarantee that amount will be added to your home value, if not more. For added living space and a better style of living, it is important to consider your options. Thankfully our expert team is on hand to assist you with any questions. 

How much will my loft conversion cost?

The cost of your loft conversion is likely to vary. This is because of the different styles available to you as well as the materials used. As a guide, you can look at the following: 

  • Standard Velux loft conversion: Anything from £15,000 to £20,000
  • Dormer loft conversion: Anything from £30,000 to £60,000
  • Mansard loft conversion: Anything from 40,000- £70,000

The larger the house, the more expensive the extension will be. A mansard loft conversion, for example, alters the entire shape of the roof so that is known to be the most expensive option. However, again, costs will change depending on what else you require inside. For example, a toilet or new rooms. Joinery, plumbing, alteration, and interior designs will also be added to the final cost. 

You must be aware of the planning permissions you need to acquire before you undertake the work. This is a vital step because each home will require a permit to legally complete the work. Added fees may include:

  1. Architect design fee: This will be a full analysis of the area, including any plans, which may cost around £1000. 
  1. Planning permission costs: The cost for this is usually around £200. 
  1. Building regulation costs: You must submit your plans following a thorough survey. The cost for these building regulations costs may be around £500-£800.

What types of loft conversions do we build in Brentwood?

We offer a range of different loft conversions across Brentwood. There are many to choose from. Our team members will offer you valuable advice if you are having difficulty making a decision. Here are some of the most popular loft conversions that we offer:

Dormer loft conversions 

Dormer loft conversions are a common choice for most homes in the UK. The roof is extended vertically to create more headspace and more usable floor space. It is a great way to add space and light to the area and they look particularly in keeping with the rest of the house. You can add a bedroom or living space easily and if you desire, you can add a Juliet balcony for added light. 

Velux loft conversions

A Velux Loft conversion retains the preexisting roof so it requires less exterior/constructional work. The Velux windows are installed into the rafters. They may need resizing but they add a great deal of light and the room is fitted according to this. The windows can be of different sizes depending on your budget. 

Mansard loft 

With a mansard roof or mansard roof, the roof has a less steep slope so from the outside, it looks less drastic and more smooth, fitting in nicely with the property. It usually has a gradient of 72 degrees. It is an ideal space for extra rooms, complete with an ensuite and loft conversion stairs. 

Hip to gable loft conversions 

Hip to a gable loft conversion is usually found on semi-detached homes and they are incredibly durable and strong. They are a great way to maximise the space that you have, which is what makes them a great choice for semi-detached homes. The hipped roof section is replaced with a standard gabled roof. It’s a very good way to also protect against poor weather conditions and has a very elegant finish. It may be considered a very natural finish as the hip is extended up vertically from the ridgeline.

We also offer bungalow loft conversions

We also offer bungalow loft conversions in Brentwood. Adding stories to a bungalow is usually less of a problem than adding a story to a house with a hipped roof by raising the roof. The increase in a bungalow, for example, has the great advantage that the house on the ground floor can usually be lived in without any significant restrictions during the construction work. There are two options for increasing the floor space. The upper floor of the bungalow can easily be created by an attached roof and rooms with sloping ceilings and jamb or a normal full floor is built on the existing bungalow. Our staff will be more than happy to talk through your options.

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Our skilled builders in Brentwood can bring value and style to your property. With a loft conversion of your choice, our team can implement the work professionally and safely. We put customer service at the core of all we do and we work ardently to all industry standards. We want you to know that you’re in safe hands with us, so please get in touch to help add style to your home today!

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