At loft conversion company Chelmsford, we offer a unique approach to converting spaces in your home. With years of experience, we use our expertise to transform lofts into bedrooms, living rooms, or any livable space you desire.

Those who are financially uncertain about moving house come to us to create a usable and liveable space, updating the home in new ways. The advantage of doing this is that it increases the price of the house by 20%. We oversee the building regulations planning permission, the sketch plans, and the construction, also designating your project to be handled by one of our Project Managers.

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Why choose our Chelmsford loft conversion services?

In contrast to our most loft conversions competitors, we value you and your ideas in the conversion process, making you the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves on our personalised approach, ensuring you get the loft you want with the finest materials and quality. We are in constant communication.

Whatsmore, loft conversions can save you money in the long run, which is a bonus if you were previously considering moving out to save money. Consider not only maximising space in your home but also adding on to your current house’s price in the meantime. In addition, converting your existing loft space can add another bedroom or living space to your home, making it profitable for you and a larger home worth more buyers. Loft conversions add 20% to your house price.

You won’t find any loft conversion cost calculator but in terms of money-saving, the cost of your Chelmsford loft conversion project will depend highly on the specific type of conversion that you want.

This is because it will depend on the number of materials needed, as well as the time that our workmen spend on manual labour. This conversion price also relies on planning permission and whether you will need it. Of course, if you do, this will add to the overall cost. Because each project is different and varies from house to house, you will only know the full price if you come to us and request a quote.

As previously stated, though, loft conversions add so much value to a house. And, because of this, you will be saving money in the long run if you are looking to move out. Unrelated to finance, we are at ease knowing your mind is free from stress during the whole process.

Types of loft conversions we offer

We offer a range of different loft conversions. The types of plans we offer are Velux Loft conversions, Dormer Loft conversions, Hip to Gable Loft Conversions, and Mansard Loft Conversions.

Dormer loft conversions Chelmsford

Dormer loft conversions are one of the types of loft conversions we offer. Dormer loft conversions do not use the existing roof space on your property, as they are an extension on the roof of your house. Dormer loft conversions are the most requested by our clients. Most likely, this is because it is suitable for most property types, given you have a stable roof for the building. Visually, a dormer loft conversion has a box-like shape, extending from the front of the house to make your attic longer. Like Velux loft conversions, dormer loft conversions offer good lighting and spaciousness.

Velux loft conversions Chelmsford

Velux loft conversions are different to dormer conversions entirely. This is because Velux loft conversions use fitted windows which fit into your house’s roof structure. These types of windows are known as Velux windows. Because they are positioned so that the light shines in, Velux loft conversions allow natural light to fill up the room instead of having lights do it for you. This can give the appearance of an open and spacious loft, with plenty of space and sunlight. Financially, Velux loft conversions are most profitable, as they need less manual labour, which saves the money spent on the project.

Mansard loft conversions Chelmsford

Penultimately, mansard loft conversions are another type of conversion for the loft in your house. Adding instead to the back end of your home, mansard loft conversions are a square-like, upright construction. The back walls slope towards the roof. This way, the spacious requirement is fulfilled. In traditional mansard loft conversions, the windows are slightly different. Here, the windows are extensions, meaning they jut out rather than fit into the house’s sculpture. This way, more space is allowed in the loft, meaning you get more for your money. As well as this, these windows look traditional and very visually pleasing.

Some semi-detached house has an existing roof slope with sides that slope inwards. Because of this, the size of most of these properties does not allow for a spacious loft. With one of the walls of the loft leaving the space narrow, the best construction to do is to build onto this sloping wall to make it a straight, upright wall. Henceforth, a hip to gable loft conversion replaces the angled roof with a vertical wall. This vertical wall is called a roof. A previously unusable loft is then reaching its full potential, making it a liveable space that increases its value.

A loft conversion company you can trust

All of these loft conversions are aimed towards two-story houses. However, not everyone has a house comprised of this amount of floors. Alternatively, to fit everyone’s needs, we also do bungalow loft conversions. These bungalow conversions are even more advantageous in a place where space is limited to one floor. Using the loft will maximise your reach, having a room upstairs which is entirely liveable. Again, loft conversions in bungalows are a good option because they add value to the existing home if you think of selling and moving. This is because it will add another bedroom or living space.

Our loft conversion builders work around the Chelmsford area on various homes with a variety of other specifications. However, we cover many surrounding areas, such as Billericay, Bishop’s Stortford, Braintree, Brentwood, Burnham-On-Crouch, and Dunmow. In addition, we also construct in Epping, Harlow, Ingatestone, Maldon, Ongar, Sawbridgeworth, Southminster, Stansted and Witham. These locations have many pull factors if you wanted to live there. Billericay offers a unique beach lifestyle. Currently, the average price of a house is £480,000. With loft conversions adding over 20% value to the home, the choice to install a loft conversion becomes both profitable and useful.

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