Our loft conversion services in Colchester

Looking for a loft conversion or want to learn more about the services we offer? If you live in Colchester or the surrounding area, we offer a wide range of loft conversions to suit any home and all budgets. 

A loft conversion is a perfect way to increase your living space, modernise your property and even increase its value. Whether you want to make your home more functional or just have the freedom of more space without moving house or restricting garden space, a loft conversion is the best option. 

Keep on reading to learn more about what types of loft conversions we offer.

Why choose our loft conversion services

If you’re looking for expert and quality loft conversions, you’ve come to the right place. Our business has years of experience which means we have seen and done it all. This allows us to identify the best loft conversion for your property and offer advice to help you make a decision that will benefit you, your family, and your home.

Add value to your home with a loft conversion

Everyone should consider the loft conversion cost before they finalise their plans. We offer competitive rates and guarantee high-quality results that will fulfil all of your property needs. 

Our bespoke service is designed to meet your exact specifications and ensure we meet every single need for your loft conversion. This means that the cost can vary between projects. 

Several factors determine how much your loft extension or conversion will cost. In most cases, the loft conversion size will be a significant factor, but amenities such as electricity and plumbing could also add to the overall price. 

You can rely on our team to provide a full and transparent quote that does not include any hidden fees. We pride ourselves on honesty and reliability, so you can feel confident that your loft conversion will fulfil all of your home’s needs at a reasonable price.

What type of loft conversions do we build in Colchester?

We offer a variety of loft conversions to suit all homes, no matter the size. If you need loft conversion ideas, check out some of the conversions we offer. 

Dormer loft conversions

Dormer loft conversions are one of the most popular styles across Colchester and the surrounding area. They are the most versatile types as they fit with almost any roof style, including: 

  • Gable fronted
  • Hip roof
  • Flat roof
  • Shed 

A dormer conversion is a fantastic choice if you’re working with a small space but still want to include loft conversion stairs to make it easy for people to go up and down, rather than using ladders. As the dormer loft conversion increases your roof’s height, it is easier for our team to install fittings to make the space comfortable.

Velux loft conversions

Velux roof conversions are popular for customers who don’t want or need extensive renovations for their roofs. These loft conversions do not alter the existing structure but still provide fantastic livability for any loft conversion needs. 

As there is no need to extend past the existing roofline, you will likely not require planning permission. However, it is always important to check with the local authority before arranging a loft conversion. If you have plenty of headroom, Velux conversions are a great choice, especially as there is minimal disruption from the weather. 

Mansard loft

A common and popular style, especially in London and the surrounding areas. It uses two slopes at different angles with a peak that joins the two. 

Mansard loft conversions work wonders for maximising your current space and raise the party/gable walls on both sides. If you are looking to increase space in your loft to increase functionality and boost habitable space within your home Mansard loft conversions offer exceptional results that will give you plenty of options when renovating your property.

Hip to gable loft conversions


The hip to gable loft conversion is suitable for a wide range of property types. If you live in a detached, semi-detached, or end-of-terrace house, you can anticipate plenty of benefits for your home. 

They are more affordable compared to other loft conversions, which is ideal if you’re on a budget but still want to increase your loft space for any of your needs. Hip to gable conversions remove one or two sloping walls and make them parallel to one another, which increases standing height to make everything more comfortable. 

We will be happy to go over all of your requirements and help you decide what you can do with a hip to gable loft conversion.

We also do bungalow loft conversions

Our loft conversion service also includes bungalow loft conversions to give you an extra floor without significant costs. 

Despite only having one official storey, most bungalows are fitted with a loft that’s brimming with potential. With a bungalow loft conversion, we can create space for an additional bathroom or bedroom, which is ideal for seniors who require live-in care or space for relatives – especially the grandkids – to stay when they visit.

    Loft extension builders in Colchester and the surrounding areas

    If you live in Colchester or the surrounding areas, we are happy to provide a quote for your loft conversion. Our expert team has all the knowledge needed to provide a high-quality service that will make your home more appealing and dramatically boost the living space. 

    Whether you want a simple but effective conversion or have something bigger in mind, we will work alongside you to find out precisely what you want. Get in touch with our office today to arrange a quote and start your home improvement journey with the best loft conversion company in Colchester and beyond.