Our loft conversion company in Maldon offers a range of impeccable construction services, including loft conversations. We are ideally positioned in Maldon, with years of experience, and dedication.

We guarantee consistently high construction quality both through our longstanding and continuously trained specialist staff and through committed company management.

We aim to bring you the very best loft conversions to add not only value to your home but value to your lifestyle. We offer a range of loft conversion styles to suit any home, with an impeccable eye for detail and meticulous planning, we can bring your home to life.

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Why choose our loft conversion services?

We offer you all loft conversion services with an efficient and customer-oriented execution by technically excellent trained employees. Our pride in our work is what distinguishes us from many others. We put customer service at the forefront of our work and assist with flexibility, to all customer requests. You will find a reliable partner in us, and we will seek to provide you with competent advice and support in the implementation of your loft conversion.

Add value to your home with a loft conversion

Whilst a loft conversion does require an upfront cost, the value it will bring to your house will repay you well. A loft conversion can add a great deal of money to your home, usually around the same amount that you spent on the conversion itself. When it comes to selling your home, a loft conversion is an attractive prospect. It adds more living space and a better style of living, especially for families. It is well worth the investment if you wish to sell in the future.

How much will my loft conversion cost?

A loft conversion will vary because there are a couple of types available to you, depending on your budget and your loft conversion size. The standard prices are as follows:

  • Standard Velux loft conversion: Anything from £15,000 to £20,000
  • Dormer loft conversion: Anything from £30,000 to £60,000
  • Mansard loft conversion: Anything from 40,000- £70,000

You won’t find any loft conversion cost calculator because these prices vary depending on the interior of the space, and the materials used. A mansard loft conversion, for example, alters the shape of the roof entirely therefore it will cost more. It also depends on the labour involved. These will include, project management, scaffolding, internal preparation, alterations, steelwork, roof coverings, electrics, plumbing, interior design, and joinery. This includes the need for loft conversion stairs.

All these add up. In addition to these upfront costs for the work, you must also consider the fees associated with the building. You will need building regulations permission to carry out this work.

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay around £1,000 per square meter for your loft conversion. So, if your existing loft space is 30 square meters, you can expect to pay £30,000 for your conversion.

You will need to get the relevant information regarding regulations on the official council websites. You will need the right permits, therefore it is best to ensure you have all the information first hand before you make a decision. Here are some further cost breakdowns for you:

  1. Architect design fee: This will be a full analysis of the area, including any plans, which may cost around £1000. 
  2. Planning permission costs: The cost for this is usually around £200. 
  3. Building regulation costs: You must submit your plans following a thorough survey. The cost for these building regulations costs maybe around £500-£800.

What type of lofts do we build in Maldon?

We offer a range of different loft conversions across Maldon. There are many to choose from, and therefore we are happy to talk you through everything available to you. Here are some of the most popular types:

Dormer loft conversions 

Dormer loft conversions are built out of a sloping roof. Dormer windows create space and illuminate rooms. In the case of a dormer window, the existing roof slope is much more open, therefore it creates headroom as well as the possibility of installing window elements in the new external wall. There is no need for side or other partitions and these areas can be used as living space. The overall impression of the house is changed by the size, shape, and external cladding of the dormer window. Dormer windows can only be erected with a building permit or building notice.

Velux loft conversions

Velux loft conversions don’t require a lot of construction work. With a closed VELUX roof window, you don’t have to do without fresh air. All of our roof windows have a unique VELUX ventilation flap for fresh air supply even when the window is closed. In this way, you can enjoy healthy indoor air quality, even in bad weather. It offers additional space and light and is one of the cheaper and more common options for most loft conversions. There is no dormer added, it is simply the window opening.

Mansard loft 

With a mansard roof or mansard roof, the lower part of the roof structure is steeper than the upper part at the ridge. You can add a couple of new rooms including a bathroom. There are different types to consider. The roof usually has a gradient of 72 degrees. The classic mansard roof is a gable roof with only the front of the house curved, which is also the simplest form of the mansard roof. The mansard roof with folded surfaces on both sides of the facade, which is already a further development of the original mansard roof. The mansard roof, which, like a hipped roof, has a steep slope in the lower part of the roof planes around the roof on all four sides.

Hip to gable loft conversions 

Hip to a gable loft conversion is mostly found on a semi-detached house. The hip is extended vertically and creates a gable. Hip roofs are very stable and offer a durable finish. They are great for poor weather conditions such as extreme rain or wind. They look stunning and have a great finish. It doesn’t look like anything has been added on, but rather elegantly attaches to the top of the home to look complete.

We also offer bungalow loft conversions 

We also offer bungalow loft conversions in Maldon. We appreciate that some people want a little extra space in their bungalow. Perhaps they want to add a new level for another bedroom above. This is more than possible. This includes raising the roof and thus the basis for starting the roof extension on the bungalow. There are several methods of raising an existing roof space in bungalows and creating a second level.

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Our skilled builders in Maldon, offer homes a revamp and upgrade. You can easily incorporate a loft conversion into your property, adding style and value. Not only do our workers adhere to industry standards, but we also have 5-star customer service and expertise. You know you’re in good hands with us!

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